Our friends from Icons8 send lots of love along with 100 free icons to DesignHooks readers. They crafted an exclusive freebie just for you. The collection consists of line icons in SVG from the world’s first icon pack for Windows 10.

While creating the Windows 10 collection, the designers of the Icons8 team followed the example of the Segoe UI symbol, an icon font recently introduced by Microsoft. The glyphs have sharp corners, 2px lines and base on a 32 x 32px grid. The freebie includes 100 SVG icons that any website or app might need, ranging from various user images to text editing tools.


You can recolor these SVGs, make fonts and generate HTML in Icons8 Web App. Also, the rest of Windows 10 collection (more than 800 icons!) is free to download in PNGs up to 100 x 100px!