can mockup free psd

Beverage cans are handy and comfortable storage for carbonated soft drinks, energy drinks, fruit juices and other types of beverages.  A good reason why this beverage can is common in department stores for a refreshing cold drink. Here’s a Beverage Can Mockup Free PSD.

Create a compelling brand presence using beverage cans. After all, your high-quality beverage products deserve high quality, innovative packaging as well. To help you achieve such result, use mockups to evaluate your designs. And, here’s one that you can freely grab for a grandeur presentation of your can labels.

can mockup free psd

A Realistic Beverage Can Mockup

To make use of this awesome freebie, download it and easily edit in Photoshop. Then look for the smart object layer so you can replace the existing beverage can designs to your own. Apparently, this mockup contains two different scenes of beverage cans in PSD files. Specifically, you can change the color of the beverage can if you want to add a .png file for your design.

So, check out how this mockup transforms your flat designs into a lifelike can presentation.

can mockup free psd


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