Bus Stop Sign Post PSD Mockup Design

With branding and promotional needs become different and change with every year, marketers should do something big and bold to catch their customer’s attention. If you are a marketer,  you need to create some great promotional concepts. What better way to do so than a bus stop sign post? Placed at a busy spot, it is sure to garner the needed attention. Here presents a bus stop sign post PSD mockup that has everything to meet your needs. 

About The Mockup

If you want to design a sign post for outdoor advertising, then don’t start from scratch! Use this bus stop sign post PSD mockup to fulfill your needs. This high quality mockup has 2 files to help you create the branding opportunity you are hoping for. Edit the image with Adobe Photoshop and add your design, logo, color or text to the smart layers.

Download this Bus Shelter Mockup PSD for free to create as many images required, and choose one that makes the most impact!


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