A menu card plays an important role in increasing sales of a restaurant. The more attractive and easy-to-read way you will design your menu card the better understanding you can convey through it to your customers. Customers will show attention towards your food items and sometimes may order more food than they actually need. Here presents a free menu card PSD mockup that can help you create an awesome menu card, especially for your sweet shop or cafe, easily.

About The Mockup

This mockup displays a complete view of a menu card. Both front side and inside view of an attractive menu card is visible. You can stick to this design and just add your food items in it. Or you can customize the whole design and replace the current design with your own creative design work. Both the processes are really easy in Adobe Photoshop, thanks to the smart layers. And the best thing about the mockup is you can download it now for free.

If you find this mockup useful, download it today!


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