Airport Die Cut Tag Design

Airports can be rather memorable, along with the trips and airplanes associated with them. Of course, people also love to keep memorabilia of their travels and the places they have been to. This can apply even if the only souvenirs they have are the tags from the airports. Sometimes these things can be rather nostalgic and even passable as memorabilia. The Airport Die Cut Tag Design Mockup can cater to people who think they are quite presentable things and like to keep souvenirs.

This mockup features a simple and even common luggage tag for airport trips. It also has a detachable die cut for the airport personnel and is very visible and not yet detached. You can change a lot of the details for the tag, however. The Airport Die Cut Tag Design Mockup is perfect for branding, business, client, designer, and identity needs.

The mockup also comes in a modular and customizable PSD format.


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