Bakery Flour Plus Business Card

Having a bakery to manage is probably one of the best feelings of success one can have. Pastry does have its own charm apart from the taste, it has a certain figurative warmth which reminds us all of home. That, and you also get to smell bread being baked in the morning, which is always a welcome morning aroma. Then there is the unlimited supply of bread for you. So if you have a nice bakery that needs promotions, the Bakery Flour Plus Business Card Scene Mockup will do wonders for you.

This mockup features a nice bakery scene where a business card is surrounded by spilled flour. The background contains the usual baking materials such as the rolling pins, eggs, and baking cups.

You can customize this mockup to your heart’s content. This is all thanks to the modular PSD format of the file. So download this mockup now for free!


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