Blank Tall Sketchpad Design

Sketchpads are some of the most essential tools, especially for artists. Every artist should have them in handy. You never know when an idea or a scene will unfold to reveal its beautiful opportunity artworks. Hence, sketchpads and other drawing materials are quite important for artists despite more digital and high-tech tools for art. Of course, sketchpad quality is also important for the work. That is why the Blank Tall Sketchpad Design Mockup can make sure that your sketchpads are some of the best.

This mockup features a nice and plain but beautiful sketchpad design. The sketchpad is situated in a portrait position instead of landscape, perfect for face models or human models. You can choose to change the details and design elements of the mockup based on your preferences. After all, this PSD file is your sketchpad. The Blank Tall Sketchpad Design Mockup is perfect for your identity, client, designer, business, and branding needs.


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