free branding mockup scene

Branding increases the value of a business and creates a lasting impression too. How could someone refer your high-quality product without having the brand that they could share with other people? In that case, you’re losing great and wonderful opportunities for your business. So, here’s a Free Branding Mockup Scene that’s best to create a perfect branding for your products.

free branding mockup scene

If you’re currently working with branding designs for a client, you should not miss this free mockup. You don’t have to squander your time looking for a mockup to test how your logo would look like in the real scene. Now you can preview your designs and polish them well with this mockup.

To integrate your designs in this scene, download this mockup for free and customize in Photoshop. Apparently, this freebie has organized folders and layers so customization of each item in this mockup is pretty easy.

free branding mockup scene

What can you do with this mockup?

  • move and remove items to meet your preferences
  • integrate designs via smart object layers on the following:
    • envelopes, letterhead, business cards, bottle, brochure, deodorant spray, pen, label tag, and eraser.
  • you may also change the color of the rope in carrots, cutting board, paper clips, eraser, pencil, etc.

Check out how your branding designs come to life with this Free Branding PSD Mockup.

Download now!


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