Customizable Hipster Notepad

Nostalgia and hipsters are like two peas in a pod, you simply cannot have one without the other. However, one cannot deny that the culture they promote can be quite intriguing and has even attracted quite a lot of people. It would be good if you can make something out of their popularity. The Customizable Hipster Notepad Mockup can make this an easy task, at least digitally.

This mockup features a nice notebook with an old design using brownish paper instead of the usual white. You can then edit it to your heart’s content to fit in whatever design trope you want for your brand or business.

For those who also have Adobe Photoshop, the mockup comes in a nice PSD format and is ready for editing. The Customizable Hipster Notepad Mockup is also free of charge and is ready for your creative mind. This is perfect for your branding of business and will surely help you with promotions.


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