Cute Sketch Letter Design

Not everything has to be serious and all business-minded, sometimes people just crave for a familiar design they are comfortable with. Of course, this depends on one’s target demographics, but usually for women and children, the cuter the design, the better. That is why a lot of letters and their envelopes have to be rather adorable when that sort of demographic is concerned. The Cute Sketch Letter Design Mockup can make sure that they will love what you are presenting.

Cute Sketch Letter Design

This mockup features a cute and realistic design of a letter with some splendid artworks. The letter is adorned with several customizable designs of cute little things. They are cute lettering, stripes, and even Santa. You can choose to change a lot of the details of the mockup. The Cute Sketch Letter Design Mockup is perfect for your branding, business, client, and designer needs.

The mockup also comes in a nice and easy PSD format.


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