Elegant Flowing Smoke Effect

In the world of advertising and promotions, sometimes less is more. Showing your audience fewer things leads them to trigger their curious urges and makes them want to discover more of what you have to offer. So making sure that promotions and advertisements have a mysterious tone and feel to them, something which does not reveal everything at once. The Elegant Flowing Smoke Effect Mockup can make sure that you achieve this with flying colors.

Elegant Flowing Smoke Effect

This mockup features an enigmatic smoke effect which flows and is shrouded in mystery. At least, it will be like that depending on what you are trying to promote or advertise. After all, the design depends on you and your creativity as well as your preference. The Elegant Flowing Smoke Effect Mockup is perfect for your branding, business, client, and designer needs.

The mockup also comes available in a nice and modular PSD format for convenience.


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