Elegant Small Square Box

Boxes are some of the most ubiquitous and common packagings available in the history of mankind. They have certainly served their purpose in a lot of different ways for people who need to move their products. Then, there are also the other, more luxurious packages which need classy boxes and not just the brown cardboard ones. The Elegant Small Square Box Mockup is one of these boxes and is designed to cradle the most precious of gifts or products, though it comes in digital form first.

Elegant Small Square Box

This mockup features a nice and small but elegant box for whatever small package or product one might need. You can, of course, change up a lot of the design aspects and details of the mockup in order to serve your preferences better. The Elegant Small Square Box Mockup is perfect for your branding, business, client, designer, and identity needs.

It also comes in a flexible and easy PSD format.


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