ice cream packaging mockup

Ice cream has never lost its fame despite the emergence of various types of desserts in the market. Even more, ice cream manufacturers always find ways to make ice cream products tastier and yummier. Also, they look for the perfect containers that will safely deliver their products to the consumers. And to meet the demands of the mass, different sizes of ice cream containers are created. Here’s a mockup that will help you present your ice cream packaging with style and elegance. A Free Ice Cream Packaging Mockup in PSD.

While a container serves as a perfect storage for an ice cream product, it can also be beneficial for improving your brand. By adding your brand to the ice cream labels, you can ensure that consumers will recognize your brand. Hence, the excellent taste of your ice cream products deserves a seamless and delightful label to gain recognition. This mockup is specially made to help you refine your packaging labels of an ice cream bucket.

ice cream packaging mockup

To make use of this freebie, of course, you should download it and modify it in Photoshop. Apparently, this mockup can showcase two designs or flavor of your ice cream products. Specifically, this mockup lets you insert your designs into the label via smart object layer. You may also change the color of the container’s lid. Furthermore, if you’d like to change the background color you can always do so. This mockup also offers photo filter feature to add a fashionable look to your presentation. Download it now!


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