Liquor Ceramic Bottle

Liquor bottles can sometimes be beautiful things, hence why they are commonly picked as birthday presents. Sometimes the recipients do not even open then but just put them on display because of their bottles. The days of pure glass wine bottles are quite over now since there is also a more elegant and durable solution, which are ceramic bottles. The Liquor Ceramic Bottle Mockup can help you in making your own designs for ceramic bottles for your liquor brand.

This mockup features a nice and elegant bottle for liquor. Any hard alcohol can use these designs. Alcoholic beverages are also not just the limit for design. Others are also welcome as long as it fits the design theme. The Liquor Ceramic Bottle Mockup is perfect for your branding, business, and client needs especially if they involve liquors.

The mockup is also easily customizable thanks to its native flexible PSD format.


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