Lumia Phone Device

Both Microsoft and Nokia had their hand and opportunities to launch their own digital phone platforms. This came in the form of the Windows phone, which sadly was not as popular as the Android smartphones. Microsoft simply did not have the support and the application functionality which Android users have come to love about Google’s own invention. Still, the Lumia, while discontinued, can be quite a good phone. Promote them properly with the help of the Lumia Phone Device Mockup.

This mockup features an old but gold Lumia Windows phone model. You will notice that the bezels are still quite thick and the phone is not very comparable to today’s Android heavyweights. This is due to its age. Regardless, the Lumia Phone Device Mockup is perfect is you want to promote it for some reason or make your own design.

The mockup comes in a ready PSD format for your convenience and ease of use.


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