free milk glass bottle mockup

Milk products are indeed in demand. Perhaps people who consume this product knows that milk carries numerous benefits for the body. In 2016 statistics, the milk consumption worldwide has reached 223 billion liters. That is why we see a lot of milk products displayed in supermarkets such as glasses, boxes and another packaging. So, if you’re working with such a project, you should grab this Free Milk Glass Bottle Mockup!

The packaging of milk products come in different sizes and types. In particular, the best way to store it is in glass bottles. This glass bottles are safe and preserve the taste of milk products effectively. This mockup will render a realistic look of your milk glass bottles.

To make the most of this freebie, you should download the file and open it in Photoshop. Then, you should look for the smart object layer where you can insert your designs with ease. Apparently, you can insert a label on the glass bottle and change the bottle’s cap so it would match with your designs. Furthermore, if you need to customize the color of the background that is always possible. Also, this mockup offers photo filter effect that you can use to filter the scene.

Download this mockup today.


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