Nike Air Max 98 Sneakers

Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabar, Kobe Bryant. If those names don’t interest you, then you probably are in the wrong freebie page, however, if you love Nike sneakers, don’t go away just yet. Of course, who wouldn’t want to wear shoes that the players mentioned above advertised or used to wear? Now you can make your own design with the help of the Nike Air Max 98 Sneakers Mockup.

This mockup features the perfect modular Nike Air Max 98 shoes and is one of the best digital renditions of the product. The Nike Air Max 98 Sneakers Mockup is perfect for your brand or business and can even be one of the most sought-after shoes ever. So if you own a shoe or sneaker business or brand, then this mockup can help you in many ways.

You can also customize this mockup easily thanks to its PSD format, so download it right not and start designing!


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