Paper Clipboard Design

Clipboards are important but don’t seem so when you are looking at them at first glance. However, how their use is directly proportional to how busy a person it. Most of the time, clipboards are for people who have to write stuff on paper while standing up. Most of these guys can be doctors, teachers, logistics personnel, or other professions. But who’s to say that you don’t need them? At least digitally? The Paper Clipboard Design Mockup can make sure you have some good and effective clipboard designs.

This mockup features a nice and clean, but professional looking clipboard. It also comes in attached with a paper and is held with both hands by what appears to be a female person. Of course, you can customize a lot of the details of the mockup to suit your preferences. Hence, that is what makes the Paper Clipboard Design Mockup perfect for your branding, business, client, designer, and identity needs.


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