Do you want to design a presentation where your company staff and data about them can be highlighted? You should check out the People Infographic Keynote template. This template features handy graphs, tables, and charts to make your presentations visually impactful. It comprises a set of 16 professionally-designed slides and 5 color schemes that will help you capture the attention of the audience.

Furthermore, you can put its infographic features to great use by simplifying complex data (such as sales figures or business projections) to make a meaningful Keynote demonstration. Aided by vector elements, the infographic design makes this template simply tough to ignore. Moreover, it comes with great add-on features that will allow you to talk about current trends and make comparisons. Besides, this template is fully customizable. So, you can change colors, insert images, adjust sizes as per your requirement.

This free theme is available in widescreen resolution. So, without further ado, download this attractive Keynote design for free and make your presentations visually appealing.


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