T-shirt designs play an important role in their selling.  That’s why T-shirt brands are always in search of new designs to offer their customers. If you are a designer and your client is asking for a fresh T-shirt design, this free pocket T-shirt mockup can save you lots of time. What’s more, this T-shirt mockup is easy-to-use. And it comes with high-res files to give clear, eye-catchy T-shirt design. 

This free pocket T-shirt mockup doesn’t have unnecessary layers, so customizing it is very easy. One doesn’t need to be an expert in Adobe Photoshop to use it. Even, a layman can use it. If your design looks better without a T-shirt pocket, you can easily remove the pocket. 

What’s are you waiting for now? Download this free pocket T-shirt mockup and start designing awesome T-shirts for your clients. 



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