Boxes are extremely useful for packing of any product. They ensure maximum protection of the contents. When the design of the box is good, it enhances the appearance of the overall packaging design. Now, if you want to manufacture such boxes then opt for this rectangle box PSD mockup to do things easily. With this mockup, you can design any box of a rectangular size and also use it for advertisement.

The PSD mockup has a resolution of 4195x 3317 pixels which means that it can be enhanced quite a bit and will look great in advertisements. The realistic box design ensures that the box can be visualized from all sides making it possible to understand how it will look in originality. The smart objects feature will become handy when you want to make changes anywhere on the box. Even in the case of the minutest change the rest of the design will not be hampered.

Just download the rectangle box PSD mockup for free and start designing.


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