Samsung Galaxy Phone Backplate

Samsung smartphones have proven their reputation time and again. While some of them have cheap-looking and feeling plastic builds. The more midrange to high-end models sport some nice metallic designs and materials. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is certainly one of the better smartphone builds out there. Their backplate and solid build is a testament to their engineering. Now, you can make your own promotions for this rather outdated model with the help of the Samsung Galaxy Phone Backplate Mockup.

This mockup features an outdate but still high-tech smartphone from the Samsung Galaxy line. The best part about this mockup is that you can change the colors of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to something you like. Compare that with the initially limited colors of the phone and we have a clear winner. The Samsung Galaxy Phone Backplate Mockup is perfect for your branding, business, client, designer, and identity needs.


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