Samsung Galaxy S9 Monochrome

By now, it seems Samsung has dominated the Android smartphone market with latest and greatest Samsung Galaxy offering. We are talking about the Galaxy S9 here, which is one of the most advanced smartphones right now. It is also Samsung’s flagship phone and is a sturdy contender against Apple’s iPhones. So promote these devices properly with the help of theĀ Samsung Galaxy S9 Monochrome Mockup.

This mockup features a dual design for the Samsung Galaxy S9, one having a white screen with a black bezel, and the other in reverse. So you could say they are mirror images of each other. Nevertheless, theĀ Samsung Galaxy S9 Monochrome Mockup is perfect for you and your branding.

Just think of all the design preferences and styles you could come up with. You can also easily customize this mockup thanks to the flexible PSD format which it comes in. So download it right now and make your own designs.


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