Scribble Board Design

Scribble boards are not that commonly used for advertisements and promotions. That is why they can be unique in their own right, you can use them safely and freely, and rest assured, not many people have thought of using them for promotions. Although they can be quite limiting in terms of complementary subjects. Most of them can be used for ideas and school-related stuff. The Scribble Board Design Mockup can give you a lot of ideas for promotions though.

This mockup features a nice and small scribble board where you can take your ideas and transform them into nice promotions. You can edit a lot of the design elements included in this mockup. The Scribble Board Design Mockup is perfect for your business and branding needs because of how modular it is.

The mockup also comes in a nice PSD file format to make it easy for you. So download it now for free!


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