Shopping Craft Paper Bag

Shopping can be a calming and therapeutic activity especially for those who live in the city. You don’t even have to buy the goods sometimes, just window shopping them and pretending that you like them can be an awesome experience. Who says capitalism is bad? Sometimes it also has its perks, especially when your shopping bag is pretty and shaped like a heart. The Shopping Craft Paper Bag Mockup is something like this and can make your day, at least digitally.

This mockup features a nice scene involving a heart-shaped doodad atop some craft papers. They can be used for a lot of design purposes which need digital mockups. You can also change a lot of the design elements for this mockup to tailor them to your preferences. The Shopping Craft Paper Bag Mockup is perfect for your branding, business. Or if you want to impress some clients or designers with your mockups.

The mockup also comes in a nice and modular PSD for your convenience.


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