Signboards are really effective when it comes to advertising a business r promoting a brand outdoor. It grabs the attention of a wide group of people very quickly. If done correctly, signboard advertising can reach a large audience and increase sales for your business. So, if you want to design a signboard with your advertisement, here is a signboard PSD mockup that can meet your need perfectly.

About The Mockup

This outdoor signboard mockup includes four signboard templates, each having user-friendly features.

This mockup is highly useful for showcasing your advertising design presentation. It includes high-resolution PSD file. Its resolution is 300 dpi and the dimension is 6000×4000 px. The PSD file is completely editable. You can customize the design, shadows, and highlights in the signboard the way you want. Also, you can add text as per the advertising need. Its smart layers help you edit the entire thing easily.

If you find this mockup useful, download it for free today! Customize in Photoshop and create an impressive presentation of your design work.


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