Simple Barebones Desktop Browser

Browser design need not be too cluttered and filled with lots of confusing and messy icons and functions. When it comes to browsing, form always precedes function. This is one of the reasons why minimalist browsers like Chrome and Safari are the dominant choices, even Microsoft learned a lot from them with their latest Edge browser, minimalism is the key. So make sure that your browser design is simple yet effective without the clutter and with the help of the Simple Barebones Desktop Browser Mockup.

Simple Barebones Desktop Browser

This mockup features a nice and clean but effective browser design aimed at desktop users. They can also be for laptops since the two share the same operating systems. Cleaner and simpler browsers also usually use fewer system resources, unless its Google Chrome. Regardless, you can choose to customize a lot of the details of the browser, or the lack thereof.

The mockup also comes in PSD.


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