Small Pocket Notebook

Notebooks are starting to get outdated now because of the existence of smartphones. After all, no one would want to deal with paper anymore and pens too since you can have all the tools you need in smartphones. However, there are still some purists when it comes to stationeries and they have an admirable adamance when it comes to their preferences for the old. If you are one of them, the Small Pocket Notebook Mockup is what you have been looking for.

Small Pocket Notebook

This mockup features a small, handy, dandy, notebook which can fit in your pockets. You never know when you might lose the internet or your smartphone might break down in the middle of notes. The Small Pocket Notebook Mockup is perfect for your branding and business especially if it involves notes.

The mockup comes in a nice PSD format to make sure that editing can be done easily.


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