Space Grey MacBook X Concept

MacBooks make for awesome concept designs due to their futuristic theme and appearance. Of course, you also might want to think ahead of Apple and make your own futuristic take on the MacBook. Or perhaps you have an awesome idea for a laptop and you want the MacBook design to be your stepping stone into realizing the final look. Regardless, the Space Grey MacBook X Concept Mockup can certainly help you with your designing needs.

This mockup features a nice concept of a front-facing MacBook with its screen open. Like the real thing, it is also highly minimalistic and you can even mistake it for a tablet because the keyboard is not shown. The Space Grey MacBook X Concept Mockup is perfect for your branding or business needs and it also highly customizable.

Lastly, the mockup also comes in a ready and waiting PSD format. This means you can easily customize it after downloading it for free.


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