This is a simple yet elegant store sign mockup that you can use to design a store sign, displayed on a street. If you are working on a design project for your client who runs a store, then this mockup is what you should use.

Why You Should Opt For This Mockup

Presented in a green design in a rectangular shape, this mockup brilliantly helps you escalate your brand’s presence. Furthermore, using the mockup as a good presentation will elevate your standards of working by giving your client an actual view of the final product design. Depending on the type of establishment and the placing of the mockup, you can make changes in the mockup. From changing the logo to design and the color, you can do anything to create a special sign design for your client. You can place your own design in the mockup using the smart object. The mockup is available in PSD format and dimensions of 3500×2390 pixels. So, download the free mockup and get your client coming back to you for branding purpose. 


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