Taped Poster Template

Posters are always welcome in urban settings. From propaganda, marketing, to just pure art, posters are ubiquitous and have many uses for everyone. You can certainly use them to promote your brand or your business. You would need a good design though, something unique and simple but eye-catching. That is what the Taped Poster Template Mockup is for, and this is what you need.

Taped Poster Template

The Taped Poster Template Mockup is quite helpful for your brand and business since it requires virtually no charge to download. It is 100 percent free and you can have it with just a click of a button. The mockup is a poster template held by four pieces of tape, this is the novelty of the template is and will surely catch the attention of people.

The mockup also comes in ready PSD format and will give you a lot of tweaking options. So download it now while it lasts and make your own posters.


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