Top View Sketch Design

Sketching is no joke and requires a lot of creativity and a good mind’s eye. That is why each artist has varying levels of skill and mastery when it comes to sketching. Of course, this does not mean that being able to sketch fast and good designs are difficult to achieve. Practice is all you need, sometimes even digital practice. The Top View Sketch Design Mockup can be a perfect digital tool for your sketching practices.

This mockup features a nice and realistic mockup scene of an artist doing his work. It is a top view perspective of the paper surrounded by art materials such as pencils, erasers, rulers, etc. Of course, the papers is where you can place your designs of choice. The Top View Sketch Design Mockup is perfect for branding, identity, and client needs because of this.

The mockup can also be customized easily thanks to its modular PSD format.


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