Vintage Poster Frame

Give your creative juices a blast from the past with our Vintage Poster Frame mockup! It comes complete with a period-accurate vintage theme which lets you customize the past digitally.

You can now download the Vintage Poster Frame Mockup. The best part is that this nostalgia trip of a digital design is free and will not cost you anything. Additionally,  the Vintage Poster Frame mockup features books with classical jackets and plants atop a polished wooden desk. The mockup’s quality shows up in the form of a photorealistic imitation and almost looks like a real photograph.

Then, inside the package, you will find a PSD file with a high-resolution base image and comes complete with layered design elements. This makes it easier for you to customize and tweak the colors and the elements you want in the final image.

So let your nostalgia take command in this free Vintage Poster Frame mockup and grab while you can!


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