Widget-style UI kit

Do you feel as if your website is lacking something? Your website definitely needs something to make it stand out in a sea of digital content. Or maybe you are new to the web-design game and want to establish your domain’s foothold. Then look no further because you can definitely do a makeover for your website for free with the basic Widget-style UI kit for websites freebie.

The basic Widget-style UI kit for websites is now available for download with no hidden charges.

The package contains as much as 25 diverse and ready-made components for your ease of use. Website designs will provide you with a much-needed jump start. Your websites uniformity and aesthetics will also receive a considerable boost.

Widget-style UI kit

The kit comes in PSD format, making it easy for you to apply it to your website. Artiom Piatrykin is also the one responsible for these designs.

Download the free basic Widget-style UI kit for websites!


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