Are you looking for a theme that can be useful for a multitude of web design purposes? You should check out the Micologia che passione WordPress theme. This free WordPress theme comes with great functionalities. Some of these are one-column template, template cover, full-width template, align-wide support, icon support, and more.

It is an ideal design for creating blogs and websites on travel, tourism, adventure, photography, food, and health. On inserting the ‘banner’ class at the top of the primary menu,  you can convert the sidebar into a mega menu. This web layout is highly responsive and provides a seamless viewing experience on all devices. Furthermore, it is an SEO friendly design that will aid in finding a wider audience for your content.

Also, building your site would be a lot easier, thanks to its endless customization possibilities. So, without further ado, download this creative and free WordPress theme and take your project to great heights. And yes, it will not cost you a penny.


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