Let the menu look as drool-worthy as the ice cream offered by your client’s dessert parlor. Use this ice-cream shop menu card template to design the most amazing ice cream shop menu.

This mockup features various food icons and photographs in shades of white and red. The menu template in the mockup features a mix of three colors i.e. black, red and white. It also lists down details of the food items offered. You can edit the whole mockup as per your requirement. Right from the text to the color to the design, you can change it all quickly and easily using smart objects. The mockup also gives you a frontal and back view of the menu that helps you and your client get an actual perspective of how the menu would look like in real. You can use this mockup in your presentation to present the ice cream design menu in a professional and creative way. This mockup can also be used for any personal purpose or designing a poster or brochure.


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