iPhone App PSD Mockup Design

With the popularity and rise of the Apple iPhone, there are a huge number of application developers who are aiming towards creating the best apps for the device to use. Whether it is a game, productivity, entertainment or social media, the app store is full of apps that can make your life much simpler. If you too want to design an app, then there is no better medium than to use the iPhone App Mockups. Here presents a great iPhone app PSD mockup.

 About the Mockup

It comes along with 2 great looking app mockups that will let you show your iOS app’s design on the phone screen of iPhone 8 and iPhone X. The mockup comes with 2 different kinds of screens and is also free to use.

Users have the ability to change and edit the designs on the screens and also the icons via Smart Objects in Adobe Photoshop. The glass can be hidden from the design and each screen features a separate layer to individually edit them. Use Adobe Photoshop CS4+ for making changes to this 300 DPI PSD file.


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