iphone x mockup

If you’re developing an iOS app for a client, You need mockups that will help you create and polish your designs well. This iPhone X Perspective Mockup is ideal to use for web graphics design presentation.

iPhone X, the newest and fastest phone ever created by Apple is popular and powerful these days. No wonder why businessmen and professionals utilize this type of smartphone in their businesses. Hence, the use of iPhone X is widespread nowadays and so with useful iOS apps. In order to make your apps blemish-free, you need mockups to foresee your designs well.

iphone x mockup

A Fully Customizable iPhone X Perspective Mockup

In order to use this fully customizable iPhone X Mockup in PSD, download this and easily modify in Photoshop. Then look for the smart object layer so you can replace the existing screen to your own. What’s more? You may also customize the buttons for volume and notifications, microphone and charger, speaker and camera, and the iPhone’s body. Furthermore, you may also customize background to meet your preferences.

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iphone x mockup


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