Paperback Book Mockup

The metaphorical phrase tells us that “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Indeed it’s true! But it doesn’t mean your book cover has to be so ugly and repulsive then. After all, your hard work in researching and writing your book or eBook deserves a magnificent cover! Here’s an Awesome Paperback Book Mockup that you can use for viewing your book or eBook cover.

If you have been hopping around looking for a 6×9 paperback book mockup then you are in the right place. This mockup allows you to foresee your design in a more realistic and professional manner. It contains standing front book cover and the back book cover (the half portion is slightly hidden from view) making it look more realistic. In order to change the existing design you just need to look for the smart objects and do the replacement.

Get this awesome paperback book mockup today!


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