When you write a book, finishing it is not all that takes to make it to be published. You need to select a good cover for the book too. If you are thinking of releasing a book, then no better way to test out its cover than a free mockup to use. This PSD Book Hardcover Mockup provides the perfect space to create the book cover of your choice and present your book to the world.

Why You Should Pick The Mockup

We all know people pick up books depending a lot on how they look since that’s the first thing they see. This hardcover mockup design can help you create unique and different designs and test out which one suits your style best before you finalize on the cover. The mockup is completely free to use. So it is also cost-effective. By using Photoshop, you can easily edit the book cover color.  Also, you can add a number of amazing graphics due to the smart layer, and make this free design completely your own.


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