Using a template to design a website makes the whole process easy and affordable. you get various options to choose from and pick the one that can fit your needs. It comes with large amounts of built-in functionality, widgets, and options. And these can make your job of setting up the site much easier, in addition to providing you with flexibility in creating your design. So, if you are planning to pick a template, always opt for responsive ones. Here is such a wonderful responsive template available that can serve your needs with complete perfection.

Linear is a responsive template that uses a large background photo. Moreover, you can find minimal style, classically designed appearance and clean format. This template is versatile for any type of website, from blog to ecommerce. And the best thing about this template is it is responsive. Therefore using this template you can design a website that will perform well across all devices.

If you find the features o this template useful, download it now. You can get it for free.


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