Sketchbook PSD Mockup Design

If you are trying to promote your art and digital designs through a sketchbook online, you need to find a unique way to set yourself apart from other artists. There are a number of people doing some great work online, so you need to display your beautiful art in a different setup. Try this sketchbook PSD mockup to do so easily.

The Sketch Book Mockup is the perfect PSD file for the job. This PSD file can be downloaded for free. It comes with Smart Object insertion to help you edit and place your design. It also comes with a photo filter and light/ shadow correction. The mockup has been made from a photograph and thus has a very detailed definition. It has depth field blur, which helps in creating more realism.

The available file is in high definition and is 112 Mb in size. It is also ready to print as soon as you’re done with the changes.


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