toothpaste box packaging mockup

The packaging of your products is essential as it is the first thing your consumers see and reads. On top of that, it also serves as your marketing tool for effective promotions of your product. Here’s a Toothpaste Box Packaging Mockup that’s ideal to use for the presentation of your toothpaste label designs.

With this box packaging, you’ll be able to present your flat designs into a real product. By adding your logo, color schemes, and taglines you can help people to remember your product. Hence, it’s very important that your packaging is well-designed aside from its excellent and high-quality product content.

toothpaste box packaging mockup

A Lovely and Customizable Mockup For Packaging

Let this mockup aid you in designing your toothpaste box packaging labels. However, you may use it for other packaging boxes it fits with. To enjoy this mockup, download it and easily modify it in Photoshop. Specifically, it contains 4 shots of box packaging in different angles. Thus, you can showcase your designs in different angles and evaluate its appearance.

Check out how awesome this mockup is and see how well it can render your designs. Download now!

toothpaste box packaging mockup


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