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The 1st month of 2016 brought us a lot of new, great stuff. We were following plenty of interesting news and resources for web designers and developers, and comprised a list of the most exciting ones. Let’s have a look at out favorite posts of this month:


Deron Sizemore – created an awesome tool for generating beautiful color palettes from images, URLs or random inputs.

colorfavs logo

The website obesity crisis

This is a text version of the exciting talk by Maciej Cegłowski at Web directions conference in Sydney. It’s about sites that are growing bigger and are intentionally breaking the web.


Top 100 pens of 2015

Codepen released a list of top 100 pens of 2015 crafted by talented folks. Browse these hot pens and get your dose of inspiration.

top 100 pens


Cerberus is a collection of some simple, responsive email patterns. You can use it to create good looking, responsive emails (even for Outlook).


The illusion of completeness

A very useful read by Kim Flaherty. Users can think they see the entire web page, although additional content exists off-screen. Designers must help them discover all relevant info.



It’s a fast, simple and light (1kb) browser feature detection library written in plain JavaScript. Simply access it in different browsers and see the results.



A fully HTML5 based tool to create music and have some fun. You can use your keyboard to create your own tracks, save and share them with your friends.


Responsive image breakpoints generator

This open source tool allows you to easily generate the optimal responsive image dimensions. You can also read a comprehensive guide on this topic here.


Essential navigation patterns in 2016

Your navigation menu makes or breaks your website’s UX, that’s why you should be primarily designing sites with great navigation.


10 fresh examples of diffuse shadow UIs

To better understand and analyze this hot design trend, we’ve comprised a list of 10 fresh UIs with diffuse shadows. Let’s have a look and let us know if you know more.

diffuse shadow UIs

Working remotely is fun (most of designers and developers will agree). This site represents a collection of interviews with people who work remotely for different companies.

Website color schemes

A collection of 50 color palettes of visually impactful sites for your inspiration. Browse different websites with beautiful color schemes and learn more about them.


The new MacBook minimalist vector mockup

Max Brunel created an exclusive freebie for our users. It’s an ultra minimalist, beautiful vector mockup of the new MacBook. The resource is available in Sketch format.

macbook mockup


Another useful tool allowing you to create unique, royalty-free soundtracks for your videos. It’s easy to use and fast. Give it a try.


Stay connected and let us know if you know more awesome resources. Cover image source:

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