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This month, we’ve seen lots of great tools and resources that will make the lives of web designers easier. Let’s have a look at some of the most interesting and useful tools, apps, articles and other great stuff of June 2015:

1. Libscore

Libscore scans websites on the web to collect stats on JavaScript library usage. Explore the most popular scripts and libraries used on top websites.


2. SVG filters

An awesome collection of SVG filters with examples. Drag and drop functionality available to preview your own images.


3. SVG logos

A great collection of popular SVG logos for web developers and designers.


4. Great font combinations

Best practices to use fonts in web design. How to make fonts look nice in combination with each other.


5. Dynamics.js

A JavaScript library to create physics-based animations. A few animations made with Dynamics.js are listed along with their source code.



LAPA is a collection of beautiful landing pages for inspiration. Visit it regularly to discover elegant designs and websites.


7. Atom 1.0

Atom 1.0 is finally here – a modern and customizable code editor started as a side project by the founder of GitHub.


8. W3C mobile checker

The mobile checker is a tool for web developers who want to make their web pages or web apps work better on mobile devices.


9. Material theme for Sublime text 3

A beautiful material design style theme for Sublime text 3 lovers. Get it on GitHub, instal it and enjoy working in Sublime.


10. Re:designed

Interesting ideas and thoughts by Eli Schiff regarding recent logo/design updates of some popular brands.


That’s it, let us know if you notice some more great resources by leaving a comment. We’ll constantly list the most popular tools, apps and posts for web designers and developers, so stay tuned.

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