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Tobias Ahlin – a talented web designer and developer from Sweden, created a lovely set of Google Web Font experiments using CSS and HTML. He created some nice examples where he combined diverse Google Fonts, colors and image backgrounds. You can change the text of each heading and view/copy the source code of each example.

It’s a nice source for inspiration, with little imagination you can create your own examples and eventually use them in your design works. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Fonts: Open Sans Condensed Bold & Pacifico

See the Pen Google fonts exp1 by designhooks (@designhooks) on CodePen.

Fonts: Oswald Regular & Oswald Light

See the Pen SWEDISH MEATBALLS by designhooks (@designhooks) on CodePen.

Fonts: Roboto Condensed Bold & Roboto Thin

See the Pen FALL COLLECTION by designhooks (@designhooks) on CodePen.

Fonts: Lora Italic & Montserrat Regular

See the Pen ISN’T LONG ENOUGH by designhooks (@designhooks) on CodePen.

Fonts: PT Sans Bold & Lora Italic

See the Pen A SEARCH by designhooks (@designhooks) on CodePen.

Fonts: Ubuntu Bold & Playfair Display Italic

See the Pen PERFECTION IS NOT ATTAINABLE by designhooks (@designhooks) on CodePen.

Fonts: Merriweather Heavy & Merriweather Light Italic

See the Pen HOW climate change by designhooks (@designhooks) on CodePen.

Do you like these experiments? Please share your own works, let’s have a list of most beautiful examples!

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