Behance: every designer loves it. Behance became so popular, that designers are visiting it just as much, if not more than, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Individual pieces of work (UIs, templates, web designs, illustration, etc.) have come a long way since the humble beginnings of Behance. Here is a list of 20 awesome web design/UI design case studies:

Lappsy by Arkadiusz Płatek is beautifully presented, multi-layered and colorful. Arkadiusz has used multiple layers and angles to create a case study with real depth.


Noma Atmosphere by Jacob Mattesen Hansen & Ozair Nazir  is moody, atmospheric and stylish. This piece of work lives up to its title. It almost captures the feeling of being in an art gallery as you scroll down the page.

Noma Atmosphere

Laziness PSD theme by Julián Pascual is simply stated while everything about this presentation has been beautifully crafted – the typography is especially pleasing and compliments the imagery very well.


B Yoga Website by Agency Dominion is multi-layered, bold, different and gorgeous. Another example of amazing attention to delivering a presentation that does justice to the original design. The colors work together especially well.

B Yoga

Badoo concept by Jakub Antalík has a great boldness and simplicity to it, but it’s the animated sequences in the presentation that push this beyond being just good work.


Socialpuzzle Tool and Website Presentation by Degordian, Mario Šestak, Marko Cvijetić & Hrvoje Grubisic is simply an incredibly detailed and well thought out presentation; there isn’t much that isn’t covered – this truly raises the bar for what’s possible on Behance.


Betit Mobile App Football by Karol Kos is dark, moody and slick. The concept and UI are detailed so clearly and sharply it makes me you want to download the app just to see a bit more.

Betit Mobile App

Elespacio by Filip Slováček is so nice that it’s hard to even describe how much I love this piece of work – everything about this presentation works well, from typography to photography treatment. A strong and consistent brand are hugely important for any digital agency website.


See the full list of 20 amazing web designs and UIs here.

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