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Tip #1: using relevant images

The images you use should be relevant to the marketing goals, company, and audience. This will help to make a needed connection with people.  You may use only several images, but they should be appropriative. They should resonate with the visitors of the web-page, thus, make sure to spend some time on photo editing.

Tip #2: using informative images

Informative pictures will provide a visual representation of the content. Such images can help people to learn and understand more information. For example, such images can demonstrate how something works and so on. Think about different types of imagery. You may visualize the content using infographics or charts.

Tip #3: think about the context

Choose the images according to the context. They should catch attention to a certain piece of information. Try to use all design elements to the full potential.

Tip #4: choose the right software

If you want to have great images, you need to choose software to work with them. Think carefully about it. Sometimes you don’t need to do anything special about an image. But in most cases, it is important to use different tools to make a good image. So, just learn a review of photo editing software. This will help to find out which of them would be better for you. The software will give you a lot of opportunities for optimization.

Tip #5: quality

Even if an image serves the purpose, but its’ quality is low, don’t use it. Why? Well, it will just leave a bad impression. Remember that quality and purpose should be balanced. That is why you need to search for such images:

  • Images with a good resolution;
  • Images with an appropriative size.

These two things are very important. They will help to make the page look more professional. Try not to use blurry images or too small ones. They just will be ignored by people. Try to look for pictures of a high quality. This will minimize the need to edit them.

Tip #6: the rule of thirds

It is great if you don’t use an extensive photography background. But anyway there are some things about composition you should know about. The composition of a photo is important. It can increase the impact of the picture. Use the rule of two thirds. Divide your image into thirds. And the main parts of the picture should be placed at the intersections.

If you cannot use this rule on your photo, think how you can fix it. You may simply choose the photo. But you may also edit the current image and realign the key elements.

Tip #7: types of images

PNG and JPG are the most popular of the image types. But they are not the same. That is why it is important to know when to use them.

PNG files would be better for crisp pictures with a small number of colors. Such files contain a bit more information that the JPG. PNG files are better for high-quality images.

JPGs are better to be used for images with a big number of colors. But the quality of these photos may be decreased.

Tip #8: style

This tip is one of the most important. Try to use pictures in the same style as your website. Use one style for all the images.

These tips will help to optimize the images for any website. These are small details, but they can really make the pictures more interesting.

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