Google Chrome is by far the most liked and used web browser in the world. According to statistics provided by, near 60 percent of the internet surfers use chrome. Just in case, if you happen to be among the rest 40%, I bet you’d still be able to recognize it by its colorful logo design.


One year after the launch of Chrome browser in 2008, Google introduced chrome extensions. Since then, Google has released a plethora of extensions which have played a key role in improving the performance of Chrome users.

Chrome extensions are designed to modify and boost the performance of chrome browser. These user-friendly enhancements greatly increase productivity and uplift the workflow. Let’s review 11 incredible Google Chrome extensions and see how they boost output.

01 – Google Keep

With over 3 million users and a 4-star rating, Google keep is one of the best chrome extensions. While surfing the internet, you come across various web pages, images, quotes, and other useful content that you want to save for later – Google Keep allows to safe keep all of that information in a single click.

While browsing on a page, select the information that you want to save and right click to see the option > Save image or selection to keep. Your information will be saved to a note.


Or you can use the small icon in the top-right corner to perform the same action.


Google Keep extension makes it easier for users to save text, quotes, and web-pages and enhances productivity.

02 – Buffer

Buffer is the great application for those who want to keep a strong presence on social media. With Buffer, it is super easy to share wonderful content with your followers on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


Buffer for Chrome (the extension) further enhances its functionality.  Be it a Facebook update, Tweet or a website update, simply click the Buffer button to add them to queue. It has become easier than ever to schedule social media updates via Buffer Chrome extension. This is the right tool for busy entrepreneurs and social media marketers.


03 – Google Translate

Google Translate is a simple and convenient way to check the translation of foreign language text. The addition of its Chrome extension is a cherry on top. The small icon stays in the tray on top right corner and it allows to translate the entire page with a simple touch.


It has the ability to automatically detect whether the page you are on uses a different language from the default language of your Chrome browser. The extension not only helps to translate text but also gives an option to hear the pronunciation of translated words, which is pretty awesome.


When you are on a page with a foreign language, you need to select the text and click extension button in the toolbar, it will show you the translation with an option to hear its pronunciation as well. It is definitely killing two birds with one stone.

04 – Pinterest Save

Pinterest Save is a great way to save pages and images directly to your Pinterest account. The Save button in the toolbar is convenient and easy.


The share button collects all images from the page and lets you decide which one to choose.



With the help of this amazing chrome extension, you can add new pins to Pinterest effortlessly. This is a perfect choice for social media marketers.

05 – Awesome Screenshot

It is a must-have plugin for people who like to take a lot of screenshots. For a long time, I have been taking screenshots using the keyboard shortcut and saving them to a separate software before use. It would take a lot of time. However, I can’t express my delight to have found Awesome Screenshot as it lets me capture and annotate any portion of a web page with great ease. It’s time-saving and has a variety of tools.

Not only it can capture screenshots and save them to user’s computer, it can record web pages and desktop as well.


06 – Moz bar

Moz bar Chrome extension is a wonderful enhancement for SEO experts, who want to keep an eye on rankings and other site statistics. Moz bar shows domain authority, page rank, information about do-follow and no-follow links.


If you happen to be a guest blogger, you can use this tool to check the nature of inbound links that your publisher gives you.

07 – SpeakIt

By using the text-to-speech technology, SpeakIt Chrome extension helps to read selected on-screen text. It has an amazing language autodetection function. Simply hit the extension button after selecting the text you want to read and the speaker will begin to read. In addition to extension button, there is a keyboard shortcut also available for quick access. Reading speed can be configured and you can change the reader’s voice as well.


08 – Gmail Offline

It is an offline tool that helps users to check their Gmail inboxes when there is no network connection. While you are offline, you can type up messages and schedule emails for next time when the network connection established.

Gmail offline makes it convenient to read emails, search and archive messages without internet access. As soon as you go online, Gmail will synchronize messages and scheduled tasks.


09 – Un-shorten Link

This is the Chrome extension that you should keep handy while you are browsing the internet and visiting various links. This is for the safety as there are many clunky and ‘not safe for work’ links shared by many people. extension creates an in-between page and displays the actual link and shows where it redirects. With this useful extension, you can avoid potential security risks and the links containing inappropriate information.


10 – Mighty Text

This is my favorite Chrome extension that I have used and found very productive. MightyText allows you to sync information between your smartphone and computer. Users can use their computer to send and receive text messages, sync photos, and videos. There is another great feature that it gives you notifications about low battery. In order to use this extension, you need to install the app on your phone and add the extension to your Chrome browser, and then your life becomes easier.


Nonetheless, MightyText can drain your phone’s battery faster than normal.

11 – AdBlock Plus

Unnecessary ads and pop-ups are annoying when you are trying to focus on something. If you face this problem, AdBlock Plus is the best solution for you. There are many other ad-blockers available but AdBlock Plus takes the lead for its better functionality and ease of use.

With AdBlock Plus, you can easily setup filter lists that will block the ads. You can also block malware and unwanted social media offers with AdBlock Plus. “Non-intrusive advertising” is the special feature that this Chrome extension offers. Other than custom filters, users can create additional block lists according to their needs and desire.


Final Verdict

Chrome’s extensions can simply make your browser a productivity center. With the help of extensions, start working like a pro and stay one-step ahead in the game. Now, this was my take on Google Chrome Browser Extension, if you know other great extensions please add them up to the list. Share your thoughts in the comments box.


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