Color Supply is an amazing and handy color picker that you can use to generate hex colors and push yourself further. It was created by Mason, who was happy to tell us the story behind it:

I’m Mason, a designer and art director from Los Angeles. I’ve worked in design and advertising for the past ten years but now I teach visual web design at Design by Numbers.

Color Supply is a hex color generator. These color combinations were created by talented designers and illustrators from around the world.

color supply app

It was born out a a frustration I had with other color pickers. I wanted something curated, but none of those tools had a point of view.

Originally my site had only these 240 “root” colors on the wheel:

color pallete

But because the colors are mixed and matched in so many ways (complimentary, analogous, triad…) it didn’t matter that there were so few “root” colors”.

It’s from this pool that all the non-handpicked palettes are defined. It’s funny, some of my favorite palettes have been random ones. Palettes like this:

sample pallete

But by far the best colors in the app are those with a small blue dot next to them. A blue dot indicates it’s a palette from a designer or illustrator I admire.

Development was done by talented developer up in Washington named Michael McGuire. I couldn’t have done it without him.

So far people on Twitter have been very supportive of the site. In the first week of this year it’s gone viral. It’s motivating me to add more colors!

Stay tuned for new colors on Color Supply and if you’re interested in learning web design, sign up for my free 30 day course here.

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